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Vadásztölténygyár - R 8668 (Diadal)



Produced Vadásztölténygyár (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1957
Frequency range LW (150-320 kHz), MW (520-1620 MHz), SW1 (5,7-12 MHz), SW2 (11,5-22,5 MHz), FM (63-74 MHz)
Set of tubes EZ80, EM4, ECC85, ECH81, EF85, EABC80, EL84
Dimensions  cm
Weight  kg
Serial number  
Remarks The version, suitable for FM reception, of the R 856 Diadal type radio receiver. Both new receiver are of four band, 6/8 circuit, 5+2-tube, mains-operated medium super radio receiver, built into wooden case with an inlay of copper. The radio sets have EM4 tunning indicator built in.

Schematic diagram here 1. 2.

Fragments  Diadal in use.


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