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VTRGy - R 5700 (Stereo)




Produced VTRGy (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1966
Frequency range LW (150-320 kHz), MW (520-1620 MHz), SW1 (5,7-12 MHz), SW2 (11,5-22,5 MHz), FM (63-74 MHz)
Set of tubes EM84, EBF89, ECC85, ECH81, PCL86, PCL86
Dimensions 70 x 40 x 30 cm
Weight 18 kg
Serial number 966-59-33337
Remarks 5+1-tube, AM/FM system, 6/9-circuit, five-band, mains-operated great super receiver, built polished wooden case with plastic ornaments, with built-in ferrite and dipole antennas, sound register, band expander on short wave, stereo sound amplifier unit, two speakers and large horizontal dial.

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