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Vadásztölténygyár - B 858 I. (Csobánc)

Produced Vadásztölténygyár (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1959
Frequency range MW (520-1600 kHz),  SW (5,8-16 MHz), LW (145-320 kHz)
Set of tubes 1R5T, 1T4T, 1T4T, 1S5T, DLL101, DM70
Dimensions 33 x 50 x 21 cm
Weight 10 kg
Serial number 043-58-09067
Remarks Five-tube, eight-circuit, three-band, very sensitive, economical, battery-operated super radio receiver, with press-button wave selector, two-phase medium frequency amplifier, push-pull final amplifier (DLL 101) and DM 70 type magic eye.


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