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Vadásztölténygyár - B 037 FI

Produced Vadásztölténygyár (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1961
Frequency range MW (520-1620 kHz),  SW (9,2-22,5  MHz), LW (150-320 kHz)
Transistors 2 x 25A58, 2 x 25A53, 2SB54, 2 x P6
Dimensions 26 x 40 x 18 cm
Weight 8,5 kg
Serial number 020-61-04550
Remarks Seven-transistor, three-band, super system desktop radio sets, built into polished wooden box, operating on 9 volts of power supply, with ferrite antenna, without connecting wire, in the export versions with Orion's emblem.

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