Terta - T 529 MG

Produced Terta (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1960
Frequency range LW (150-330 kHz), MW (525-1605 kHz), SW1 (6-11,5 MHz), SW2 (11,5-22 MHz) FM (64-73 MHz).
Set of tubes EZ80, EM80, EF89, EABC80, ECH81, ECC85, EL84
Dimensions 48,5 x 83 x 44,3 cm
Weight 38 kg
Serial number 60311
Remarks The combination of the 5+2-tube, five-band, T 529 H type mains-operated great super radio set, with 4 permanent dynamic speakers and sound register, a single-speed Terta tape recorder and a four-speed Audio (BEAG-made) turntable, all built into a large (83 centimetres in diameter) plastic-framed polished wooden case.



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