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Terta - T 528 G


Produced Terta (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1959
Frequency range LW (150-300 kHz), MW (520-1605 kHz), SW (6-18 MHz), FM (87,5-100 MHz).
Set of tubes EZ80, EM80, EF89, EABC80, ECH81, ECC85, EL84
Dimensions 42,5 x 60 x 41,5 cm
Weight 24 kg
Serial number -
Remarks 5+2-tube, 6/9-circuit, four-band, mains, medium super radio  receiver,  built  into  luxury  design  wooden  cabinet, with  ferrite antenna, short wave band expander, four-press-button sound register and four permanent dynamic speakers, with  built-in electric turntable, built into wooden cabinet with opening top panel.


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