Terta - T 426 G

Produced Terta (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1956
Frequency range MW (520-1620 kHz), SW (6-18 MHz), fixed Kossuth station (539 kHz), fixed Petőfi station (872 kHz)
Set of tubes EZ80, EM4, EL84, ECH81, EBF80, ECC85
Dimensions 41 x 59 x 43 cm
Weight 23,5 kg
Serial number 022004

4+2-tube, six-circuit, two-band , mains-operated medium super radio receiver, with built in electric turntable, built into polished wood case, with press-button wave selector, the fixed reception of two local stations, built-in rotatable ferrite antenna, band expander on short wave, two dynamic speakers and three-phase sound amplifier.



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