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Standard Rádió - Szuper szuper 1055

Produced Standard Rádió (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1939
Frequency range Broadcast, Long Wave, Short Wave
Set of tubes EZ4, EF6, EF6, EF8, EBF2, EB4, EL6, EM1, EK3
Dimensions 41 x 64 x 34 cm
Weight 20,5 kg
Serial number 1944583
Remarks 5+4-tube, eight-circuit, three-band (SW-MW-LW), mains top receiver, with 18-watt final amplifier (EL 6), automatic fine tuning, magic eye (EM 1) tuning indicator and luminescent hand giant dial and pre-set capability of freely selectable stations. Contemporary price: 577 pengős
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