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Philips - 82 VR

Produced Philips (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1940
Frequency range LW (150-320 kHz), MW (515-1620 kHz), SW (1,6-23 MHz)
Set of tubes AZ1, EBL1, EFM1, EF89, EF9, ECH3
Dimensions 42 x 56 x 25 cm
Weight 24 kg
Serial number 133209
Remarks 5+1-tube, seven-circuit, three-band, mains luxury design automatic receiver with a switch that can be operated with 9 keys. Six of the nine keys are for the programming and selection of any medium or long wave station, while the other three keys are for setting the band at continous tuning. Contemporary price: 594 Pengő.


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