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Philips - 504 A (Mestermű)




Philips Mestermű with another speaker

Produced Philips (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1949
Frequency range LW (150-320 kHz), MW (515-1620 kHz), SW1 (1,6-4,3 MHz), SW2 (4,2-8,9 MHz), SW3 (9,2-17 MHz), SW4 (17,2-23 MHz).
Set of tubes AZ1, EM4, ECH21, ECH21, EBL21
Dimensions 37 x 60 x 24 cm
Weight 13 kg
Serial number NA
Remarks 3+2-tube, six-band, six-circuit, mains great super world radio receiver, built into wooden box with Bakelite side panel, with permanent dynamic speaker and illuminated arched station dial.

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Philips Mestermű with another speaker



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