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Orion - 844

Orion - 844 with another parts

Produced Orion (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1946
Frequency range MW (190-590 m), SW1 (16-19 m), SW2 (25-31 m), SW3 (41-50 m), LW (715-2000 m)
Set of tubes AZ21, EM4, ECH21, ECH21, EBL21
Dimensions 35 x 55 x 23 cm
Weight 12 kg
Serial number 846780
Remarks 3+2-tube, five-band, six-circuit, mains great super radio receivers with rotary wave selector, electro-dynamic speaker and magic eye (EM4). Contemporary price: 1700 Forints.

Orion - 844 with another parts
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