Orion - BR 701 Portable

The Orion - BR 701 with another dial

Produced Orion (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1956
Frequency range LW (967-2000 m), MW (187-576 m), SW1 (15,7-27,2 m), SW2 (23,6-53,5 m)
Set of tubes DM70, 1R5T, 1T4T, 1T4T, 1S5T, 3V4
Dimensions 22 x 25 x 13 cm
Weight 6,5 kg + 1,5 kg battery
Serial number 709607
Remarks Five-tube, four-band, eight-circuit, high sensitivity,  battery-operated, portable super receivers. (For operation from the mains, an AA 701 adapter was made to supplement  battery.) Contemporary price: 1450 Forints.

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The Orion - BR 701 with another dial



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