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Orion - 520 A

Produced Orion (Hungary)
Year of manufacture 1957
Frequency range MW (520-1605 kHz), SW1 (5,75-11,4 MHz), SW2 (11,4-21,8 MHz), LW (150-320 kHz).
Set of tubes AZ41, EM4, ECH42, EAF42, EAF42, EL41
Dimensions 35 x 49 x 27 cm
Weight 10 kg
Serial number 574923
Remarks The version, supplemented  by magic eye  (EM 4), in  polished  wooden cabinet of  identical  form  but  larger  size,  of the 4+1 rimlock-tube, four-band, six-circuit, 420 A type mains medium super receiver. Contemporary price: 1800 Forints.

Schematic diagram here, About restoration

Fragments  1955


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