Domenico Cramarossa
Hallo, your web sides are very interesting. I am an italian radiocollector, specially german and italian military radio IIWW
September 15. 2004.

Beatifull radio site !!! Best regards Zenonas Lithuania ps I needed schemat for DTW 876W....
May 28. 2004.
OK. Very nice site!!
May 20. 2004.
Very nice cite about radeo
September 29 2003.

Albert (Radiotechnique and restoration)
Hello You have a very great site i love the old Hungarian radios. And also your retoration project is ok. Keep on with the good job! Best regards Albert
August 20 2003.

Laszlo Gaspar (Great Britain)
Great site. I am glad to see that I'm not the only electronics engineer who loves old tube radios. These were pieces of art as opposed to the modern lumps of throw-away plastic.
January 20 2003

Jos Lauth
Congratulations. Very nice site!!
January 13 2003

Peter Füglister
Congratulations !!! This is a superb Radio-site. Keep up the fine work. Peter
December 27 2002.

excellent collection; greetings RAM51
October 31 2002.

Great site, lots of usefull information too. Keep up the good work and if you ever have plans to visit the Netherlands, you are more then welcome! Greetings from the Dutch Philipsmuseum Amsterdam, Claud
October 25 2002.

Bob Lane
Hi, I found your site while trying to find a schematic diagram for an Orion model 233 which I wish to restore. Can you help me? I am resident in the Republic of Cyprus. Best Wishes, ob
October 20 2002.

Guilherme Peregrini
Congratulations. Very nice site!!
October 12 2002.

Hi! Greetings from Poland, where we have also a few collectors and of course a lot of beautiful radios. Best wishes!
March 24. 2002.

Watson A. Name
Very good web site. I find it surprising that eastern bloc countries had that many radios since they probably cost the average worker several months' wages back then. And then there was really only propaganda to be listened to, not much else, unless somehow the VoA managed to get thru all the jamming. Thanks for all the good information. Best of success.
February 16. 2002.

Walter "Radioflier"
Hello, a fellow radio collector suggested me visiting your nice site. Especially your hand drawings are verx nice. I also have a russian red star radio but no hungarian one. I have a large collection of German radio documents listed on my site. Regards from Munich, Germany, Walter
January 28., 2002.

Peter Hughes
I was very surprised and impressed to see this site. I have one Hungarian radio and hope to learn more about it from you.
May 4., 2001

Derm Whelan
Hi fellow collector,
I had a very quick look through your site and enjoyed the presentation. I do not have any Hungarian radios at present but now you have accomlishes the useful task of accquainting me with the radio history of your country and I appreciate your efforts very much. I made hard copies of the essential data for my library and look forward to learning more when I have time to further study your work.
Keep the good work up and enjoy your hobby. Happy collecting and 73, Derm Whelan, Edmonton, lberta, Canada
March 13, 2001

Anders "Soda" Söderström
WOW! This is really a fantastic site. I even found a link to my own homepage in the linklist.
Though I don´t understand Hungarian I still had a great time surfing through also the non
English parts. Your list of Hungarian made radios are really interesting. Orion radios were
sold in Sweden and I have some in my collection. They even had a factory in Sweden around 1950.
It seems as if some Orion radios sold on the Swedish market had different typenumbers than the
Hungarian ones. I have some advertisingmaterial from Swedish Orion-Tungsram and I will go through it and compare it with your list. Maybe I will find some models only sold by Swedish Orion.
Then I will comeback to you. Best Wishes from Sweden: Anders "Soda" Söderström.
March 01, 2001

João Mello
Hi R. Nagy Jozsef! I visited this page. It is very good. Best Regards João Mello. Antique Radios In Brasil
December 31, 2000

Terry S
Fantastic collection. Anytime you'd like to trade some of your sets for American radios, let me know. Nice well organized site.
October 20, 2000